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April 08, 2012

Peddling Panic: Biased Survey Promotes National Science Standards

Guest post by Jack Hassard. Achieve, Inc. stands to make a lot of money for its work creating new science standards. It might not surprise us, therefore, that a survey they commissioned favors the adoption of these standards. But we need to look at these results with skepticism. Does US competitive...

February 06, 2012

Jack Hassard: We Have Low Expectations for American Students in Math & Science

Guest post by Jack Hassard Who the #@!% would make such a statement? Why would such a statement be made about America's youth? If you go the Broad Foundation Education page you will find the answer to the first question. This is the first of four statements about American youth, followed by "star...

November 13, 2011

America Leads the World in Nonsensical Comparisons: What Really Matters?

Efforts to improve our schools have always been spurred on by comparisons between our nation and others, which usually find us somewhere in the middle of the pack. In the 1950s the Russians were winning the space race because Ivan studied 12 hours a day, while his American counterpart goofed off at ...



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