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August 29, 2012

Dialogue With the Gates Foundation: What Is the Purpose of K-12 Education?

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody This week, our exchange is focused on these questions: What is the purpose of K-12 education? How do we think about college and career readiness? How do the Common Core Standards fit in? This post is a response to one posted yesterday, authored by Irvin Scott o...

July 23, 2012

Dialogue With the Gates Foundation: How Do We Build the Teaching Profession?

Post #1 of 5 in this dialogue. Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody Two weeks ago I traveled to Seattle and spent most of the day meeting with leaders of the Gates Foundation, discussing their work around education reform. I have been critical of the impact their agenda has had, but they expressed...

July 10, 2012

Could School be Both Too Easy AND Too Hard?

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody This morning's USA Today featured two seemingly contradictory stories. On page one, the headline is "School is too easy, students report." On page seven, an op-ed is entitled "Why our kids hate math." The first article, authored by their excellent reporter Greg...

June 30, 2012

Jack Hassard: The National Science Teachers Association Takes on the NextGen Science Standards

Guest post by Jack Hassard. Originally posted here. Standards development, such as in science, is a big enterprise, and one that will result in huge profits for corporations, and will cost school districts billions to carry out over the next few years. For the past two years, Achieve and the Carne...

June 25, 2012

Children Become Risky Assets as Business Practices Come to Education

A report from the El Paso Times revealed last week that school administrators in that city may have engaged in some questionable practices to make their all-important data appear better than it ought to have been. The key element in the District's data portfolio is the 10th grade standardized test. ...

June 19, 2012

Designer of Value-Added Tests a Skeptic About Current Test Mania

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody Defenders of our current obsession over test scores claim that new, better tests will rescue us from the educational stagnation caused by a test prep curriculum. And one of those new types of tests is an adaptive test, which adjusts the difficulty of questions a...

June 16, 2012

Open Letter to President Obama, Time to Do What's Right for our Schools

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody As the summer approaches, it is time for teachers to once again let President Obama know where we stand on his education policies. Two and a half years ago we wrote letters. Last summer we marched in front of the White House. This August the Save Our Schools c...

June 12, 2012

Technocratic Expansion of Education Data Systems Stirs Privacy Concerns

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody What will it mean for every one of the nation's 50 million students to have a unique ID number, and be included in a national database that tracks every test they ever take? And teachers will get ID numbers as well, so the database can track the test performance...

June 07, 2012

The Florida Flip-Flop Undermines Test Credibility

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody We are relying on the results of standardized tests for ever more consequential decisions. Students are promoted or held back, teachers are hired or fired, public schools are closed, and soon our schools of education will be rated, ranked and have their funding ...

June 02, 2012

Technocratic Groupthink Inflates the Testing Bubble

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody As I was taking a look at the latest report from the National Council on Teacher Quality, a disturbing thought came to mind. The NCTQ has prepared a report that criticizes schools of education for failing to jump on the "obsessed with data" bandwagon. You can ju...

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