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November 24, 2012

Critical Reading Task: How do FERPA Guidelines Affect Student Privacy?

Guest post by John Chase. Teachers who may be looking for a complex informational text for their students to practice with in preparation for the new assessments might consider using the following excerpts from the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which was amended 12/2/11. (select...

November 21, 2012

Teachers and Parents: Natural Allies in Defending Our Schools

Wherever the "reformers" are working to divide us, we need counter campaigns aimed at strengthening our unity. We need to make sure less experienced teachers understand the value of due process, and the reasons we object to "data-driven" evaluations and pay systems. We need to develop social and educational activities that bring generations of teachers together, so they recognize how much they have to learn from one another, and how much better they can be when they support one another and work together. We need serious outreach efforts to communicate with parents, both urban and suburban. Our public schools are community treasures, and they must be guarded by all of us working together.

November 10, 2012

Must Teachers Shut Down Our Compassion to Survive Education Reform?

Yesterday I received a message from a reader. She wrote: I am convinced that educators in this country have lost their senses. At least, they seem to have lost their consciences. I sent your blog - What Hurricane Sandy is Teaching Us About Students Under Stress - to my fellow teachers this week. No...

November 06, 2012

Is Test Mania Killing Interest in Science Teaching?

Last week I got some disturbing news from a science educator in Kansas. John Richard Schrock is a biologist who works at Emporia State University in Kansas, preparing science teachers. In September he wrote about a visit from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and shared this graph, with the fo...

November 03, 2012

Is Seniority for Teachers Bad for Students?

Yesterday's post challenging the ability of some education reform "liberals" to shed core values such as support for unions, desegregation and the institution of public education apparently hit some sensitive nerves. In particular, Chris Arnold, whom we recently saw praising the "parent trigger" mo...

October 26, 2012

Kris Nielsen: I (Used to) Love Teaching

Guest post by Kris Nielsen. This post was originally published here on his blog, Middle Grades Mastery. A modified version was sent to President Obama. I love teaching. Or, I did love teaching. I loved teaching when my job was to teach. Now, I don't love teaching, because my job is no longer teac...

October 19, 2012

John Thompson: Gates Foundation's MET Project Has Leaped Before Looking

Guest post by John Thompson. The Measures of Effective Teaching Project (MET) is the Gates Foundation's flagship effort to fill what they believe is a huge void in the teaching profession. According to them, up until this project, there was no way to know how effective any given teacher is. Their g...

October 10, 2012

Students, Parents and Teachers Respond to Diane Ravitch's Call: Letters to the White House!

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody Diane Ravitch has issued a call for all of us - teachers, parents, students, administrators, and citizens who care about education, to write letters to our elected representatives, starting with the White House. The deadline to have your letter included is Octob...

October 09, 2012

Nikhil Goyal Interview: A High School Student Offers a Critique of Our Schools

Follow me on Twitter at @AnthonyCody A seventeen year-old high school student from New York named Nikhil Goyal has been speaking out on education reform. In addition to several high profile television appearances, he has authored a book, One Size Does Not Fit All, A Student's Assessment of School. ...

September 26, 2012

Rog Lucido: How do High Stakes Tests Affect Our Students?

Guest post by Rog Lucido. NCLB ushered in the national era of high-stakes testing in all of our schools. Soon the consequences of this testing became apparent. The Alliance for Childhood revealed that parents, teachers, school nurses, psychologists, and child psychiatrists reported that the stress ...

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