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October 09, 2013

Paul Horton: Students and Educators Suffer PTSD in the Chicago School Wars: The Road to Gatopia IV

more and more teachers are being identified with PTSD symptoms due to the "perception of an increasingly hostile work environment."

September 03, 2013

Mr. Van Roekel: Common Core Standards Mean Standardization, Not an End to One-Size-Fits-All

Mr. Van Roekel seems to want us to inhabit some alternative universe where teachers can teach according broad guidelines, and high stakes tests are on hold

August 12, 2013

Alice Mercer: California Districts Get NCLB Waiver Despite Union Objections

The Federal government has carved away any state role in administering these programs, and this has been done deliberately as a way to cut side deals with districts in states like California

August 11, 2013

Arthur Getzel: Small Lies, Big Lies, and School Statistics

Our focus is completely wrong. These standards are broken and unrepairable. I fear, in the end, it will lead to the dismantling of our system of public education and social stratification in this great nation.

August 09, 2013

From School Grades to Common Core: Debunking the Accountability Scam

We have been bamboozled by fast-talkers who manipulate scores, grading systems and terminology to portray public schools as failures, and their preferred alternatives as superior.

July 25, 2013

Teachers Still Dodging Silver Bullets of Ed Reform

Teachers themselves are not, unfortunately, going to eliminate poverty, even if we get rid of the "bad" ones supposedly responsible for poor test scores.

July 23, 2013

Is InBloom Enthusiasm Inspired By Gates Grants?

The Gates Foundation has become influential in part due to its willingness to underwrite those who will speak in favor of its agenda.

July 03, 2013

Will Union-Led Implementation Rescue the Common Core?

In the real world, there is no way that Common Core standards and assessments will be "fair to students" when they are used to evaluate teachers and close schools.

June 03, 2013

Lesson for Our Leaders: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Educators have been on the defensive for so long that many s have forgotten that the best defense is a good offense.

May 28, 2013

Alice Mercer: Veteran Teachers Not a Priority in High Priority Schools

The salient point is that in addition to making these schools a priority, the staffing at these schools underwent a change that now has created swiss-cheese-like holes in our teaching contracts. You see, the schools are allowed to hire teachers outside the district surplus process, and only have to take surplus teachers they want. Open positions at "priority schools" are not on the district's list of available positions at the surplus meeting. They've made a practice of picking up the least senior teachers, and even brand-new hires from outside the district. This has occurred while elementary teachers with up to 7 years of seniority are still out of work. In addition, they are exploiting a little-used provision of the State Education Code saying these teachers have "specialized training" that other teachers lack, and should be "skipped" in layoffs. That has exacerbated the entire lay-off process as teachers at priority schools with less than 5 years of seniority have never gotten a pink-slip, while teachers with up to 8 years of seniority have, and those with seven never returned

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