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Making scents

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I rarely finish reading a news article smiling, especially when it has to do with students with special needs. So I wanted to post this Washington Post piece on a girl with visual impairments who went to France for four days to learn the art of perfume making.

The school in Provence was established by the founder of French cosmetic company L'Occitane after she realized that people shouldn't be limited by their disabilities. Rather, they should have the chance to maximize the abilities they do have.

"But the best part was being with other visually impaired teenagers who face challenges similar to those she faces daily, Emma said. From one family she learned about a Web site where you can download large-print books for free. She and the other girls giggled over the mishaps they sometimes experience and commiserated about the frustrations they sometimes feel."

"These girls understand me, Emma thought. She felt far less alone in the world."

This was the part that was most touching to me. It was a reminder that while we are all about inclusive education these days, there is still something to be said about sometimes being with others who are like you.

1 Comment

Yes, that was an inspiring article. It also was beautiful that the family made the paper cranes for the mother.

Thanks for the reminder that each of us has burdens as well as gifts we can share with the world. This is perhaps one of the hardest things for a new teacher to remember, especially when faced with a classroom full of kids with diverse burdens and gifts.

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