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Kids (and adults) say the darndest things

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(A student's goals and plans posted on the classroom wall)
What are your big goals for the school year?
To get good grades and to do well in English class.
What do you need to do to reach those goals?
1) Pray to God
2) Trust God
3) Let God take care of it all.

(After I've finished an observation and left the 9th grade classroom)
Teacher: Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job executing our visitor procedures! You guys did exactly what you were supposed to do! (Which is to act as they normally would when there are no visitors.)
Students: What do you mean visitor procedures?
Teacher: We had a visitor just now. The lady in the pink shirt.
Students: Really?? We thought she was a new student in class!

(Answers on a worksheet)
Is this an example of erosion or weathering?
Because Miss said so.

(Observing an English class in the middle of popcorn reading. Student call on another student after they finish reading their paragraph.)

Student: You there, in the pink shirt.
Me: (Head down, taking notes, not realizing I was being called on)
Student: Hey! It's your turn to read!
Teacher: Um, she's not a student today...

(School secretary paging the teacher over the intercom of my arrival)
Ms. Long, you have a student here to see you!

1 Comment

I teach on the Wind River Indian Reservation, and my students' parents frequently comment on how I look as old as the students, even though I'm 28. It makes me wonder how seriously they take me at first.
I love the students' goals about praying to God, I just finished praying with parents today about their child in my classroom. I am glad to see that some kids still realize it is important.

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