My younger brother never visited me in New Mexico, but he had a loyal following of middle school boys on the Navajo Nation. I may have been the one crafting creative lesson plans and cutting out manipulatives late into the night, and I may have been the one who helped them grow by two reading levels, but "Daniel" was the one who they looked up to. Daniel just so happens to be a martial arts superstar, but that was only part of the reason why my boys asked me each week about my then-20-year-old brother. He was who they could ...

DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee graded herself an "F" when asked by The Washington Times how she would rate her first 20 months in office. Political gimmick? Blog-worthy sound bite? A self-deprecating way to curry favor? Or just the cruel reality of what it means to not improve faster, better and at a rate of 100 percent in the world of education? "If my goal is to provide every child that's in my care an excellent education, we're an F on that," she said. "I want to be evaluated on the quality of education that I'm providing to kids," Rhee said ...

Is NCLB working? I'm a supporter of No Child Left Behind, not because it doesn't need a ton of fixing, but because I believe it's driving us in the right direction and holding us all accountable to children learning. So when I heard high school students on National Public Radio tear NCLB apart at the seams and debate why it isn't working, I cried. Not because I disagreed (there are indeed many reasons why it isn't working), but because almost every student at the high school debate competition profiled on NPR attend schools where my first- and second-year teachers teach ...

Hallelujah, we are rich. With the sweep of his pen on Tuesday, President Barack Obama will more than double the budget for education when he signs the $789 billion stimulus package. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will have a glorious $100 billion to deliver to needy schools, programs and universities. As The New York Times describes: "The plan would shower the nation’s school districts, child care centers and university campuses with $150 billion (updated: $100 billion) in new federal spending, a vast two-year investment that would more than double the Department of Education’s current budget. The proposed emergency ...

I'm all about balance and compromise when it comes to politics and policy, but how many others out there shook their heads knowingly and resignedly when finding out that the revised stimulus package passed Wednesday took a $16 billion bite out of the initial plan for school construction. (Insert disappointed clucking and sighing?) Everyone loves the idea of education, but it's always among the first to go. The original $83 billion proposed two days ago to go toward child care, public schools and universities.? Too good to be true. Building new schools will not close the achievement gap (psst, it's ...


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