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In summertime, the urgency of the classroom fades a bit in the sun, and there's more opportunity to consider best practice. My friends in the Teacher Leaders Network Forum have been discussing the issue of just how much additional time and support a teacher can/ought/must provide to students who are struggling. Determining the tipping point between helping a child grow and retarding that growth can be difficult. And while we as teachers continually advocate for parental involvement, the formula becomes more complicated when parents become part of the equation. "Call me every day if you have to," one ...

Imagine . . . What if classroom teachers were acknowledged as experts on what teachers should know and be able to do? What if classroom teachers were critical partners in determining the quality of teacher preparation? What if classroom teachers worked alongside university faculty as colleagues? What if classroom teachers really did find a place at the table? You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one… because two things happened this week that were beyond my dreams a couple of years ago. On Thursday, my TeacherSolutions partners from The Center for Teaching Quality -- Nancy Flanagan, ...

Here in Fredericksburg, the home town of George Washington, and 50 miles from the nation’s capital, the Fourth of July is a big deal. There is a parade, a wonderful wacky raft race featuring almost anything that floats, a street fair with vendors and a stage for local talent. The day ends, of course, with fireworks bursting in the air above the park along the river. It is a Norman Rockwell Fourth of July — the way we like our history. But the Fourth of July isn’t over for me until I have watched 1776. It just isn’t ...


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