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Anthony Cody asked, Do Teachers Lack Power and Self-Worth? after his mom tipped him to a New York Times interview with Suze Orman that said She has been reluctant to work on school curricula on personal finance, because she says students can’t learn empowerment from people who aren’t empowered, and teachers, she says, are too underpaid ever to have any real self-worth. Hummm….So, if self-worth is proportional to what we are paid, it would follow that rock stars and professional athletes would have no need of Prozac and those who do volunteer work would be candidates for ...

For many of us who work on a traditional school schedule, this is it—the last week of school. I regret that we don’t end it with all the same little traditions that used to mark the end of the year. In the past we would have Field Day and Awards Assembly. On the last day of school, classes would have picnics in the courtyards, and the teachers would all gather on the bus ramp to wave goodbye for the summer as the intercom system blasted, “Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey, hey goodbye.” Kids may ...

I was reading the Sunday paper, trying to wind down before I geared up for the last full week of school when I noticed Meredith Raimondi’s editorial essay entitled I’ve Got That Cap and Gown. Now About That Job… After four years at George Washington University, I expected that my life would magically come together. I was aware that we college graduates often struggle to figure out what to do, but now we're struggling just to find employment. Note to Meredith: We told you from the time you were in kindergarten “Set you sights high, work hard, and ...

My 8th graders are driving me nuts right now. “I ride an early bus, can I come in early to work before school?” “No, I have a leadership team meeting.” “Then can I come in during 7th period?” “I’m teaching 6th graders during 7th, and besides, you have a class then, remember?” “Well, then can I stay after school?” We are finishing sewing projects and most of my kids (and by the way, just over half of them are boys) hustle into the room to get started and have to be reminded several times when it’s time to ...


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