When teenagers sleep regularly deeply and do a lot of it, grown ups roll their eyes. If is sleep desirable in a baby, why isn't it desirable in a teenager?

One of the best things about summer is time to read. I wonder what other people are reading, but how will I ever know?

"I must study Politicks and War that my sons may have liberty to study Mathematicks and Philosophy." John Adams

Mark Zuckerberg says "The Social Network" isn't an accurate portrayal of the 6 years he spent developing Facebook. Man, after that Waiting for Superman thingy, I can understand how he feels! Now he's getting slammed for trying to help Newark schools, so I thought I'd drop him a little note.

It's good for our schools to be green. But I wonder: Are we as intentional about conserving human resources as we are about conserving natural resources?

Testing season is here and it's important to be quiet in the hall. So much for making your own kind of music.

With the best of intentions, standardized testing may give us all the wrong answers because they do not ask "Why?" And if we don't know why, then how will we discover how this human being is not like the others?

Most middle school boys plan on a career as a pro athlete. And for most, it's nothing more than a dream. But this is the story of a young man who made his dream come true.

Accountability matters, but when a school's testing schedule seems to be at least as important as the emotional welfare of the children, decision makers need to be held accountable for caring more about testing process that the children who are being tested.

In the debate about public education, what would happen if we saw people on the other side of the policy table as fellow teacher and learners?


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