Some stakeholders believe they have found the formula for success and happiness, Does Algebra II have all the answers?

Students cheat. Why? What does it matter? What should we do about it? If you've got the answers, please advise!

Because our children need more exercise and schools are being to ask to stretch their limited resources even farther.

I've got no argument with pushing one's position or opinion. But when folks are willing to use strong arm tactics to shove through their agendas, it;s hard to assume good intentions.

The "New Normal" of balancing the public education budget by increasing class size gets tangled up when there are 62 shoe laces involved. Come on policymaker, show how you'd do that!

If education were edible, what kind of Valentine candy would your school be?

It seems that people who live in the ivory towers of higher ed and the palaces of government bureaucracy are the last to find out. This may be breaking news to policymakers and pundits, but it's not news to most teachers. College doesn't have to be for everyone.

The risk of examining one's own practice, is the possibility of discovering not only do you not know the answers, you may not even understand the problem.

To chew or not to chew? That is the question. It may seem petty, but in a data driven, research based education world, it is a sticky policy dilemma with which every teacher must wrestle.

What our students remember matters. But it may be equally important that we remember our students.


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