Even at the movies during winter break, teaching permeates my thinking.

Who knew? The investigative team of the Associated Press and Stanford University has been helping with keeping up with who's been naughty and nice!

Teachers are not an easily renewable resource so it makes sense to reuse and re-purpose them rather than discard them.

The good news was that my lesson was highly engaging. The bad news was that it was so engaging that there was a fight in my room. It was my classroom.

Whether they are eating turkey or tuna or tamales or tabouli, I hope that children will experience Freedom from Want on Thanksgiving Day.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but do those words tell the picture's story or do they simply allow us to create a thousand-word story of our own?

Will our nation have the will to restructure how we do public education? Heck, we can't seem to reach detente in the Homework Wars!

As one of the many "unsigned manuscripts" of my sixth grade teacher, I'm not ashamed to say I'm an incomplete work.

Remember when they served lunch at school and dinner on airplanes? While airlines have dropped food service, D.C. schools have expanded to three meals a day.

A lot of people have been Waiting for Superman. I wonder how long they'll wait before it occurs to them that he doesn't always wear tights and a cape.


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