Rather than viewing kids as problems to be fixed what if we saw them as potential to be unleashed? When given an opportunity to bake, students rose to the occasion.

Does "The Crisis" at Central Falls High need the influx of a little "Common Sense?" Former teacher, Thomas Paine, will be our guest commentator this week.

Susan Graham's wonders if policymakers want teachers to be more like her GPS--a highly effective, efficient teaching machine.

Inspired by a trip to the National Geographic Museum, Susan Graham wishes that school were more like a buried treasure hunt, where teachers could inspire students to wonder about what they don't already know.

"Some say the world will end in fire and others say in ice." The weather folks around here are predicting it will be ice; but then again folks get awfully fired up when ice and snow cause school to be canceled.

What are the kids eating for lunch today? Mrs. Q investigates and raises the question: "Should we be Fed Up with what we are serving up to our children?"

Every day teachers touch lives and that is an awesome responsibility. Good intentions are not enough; we must proceed with great care and caution.

When we encourage students to have big dreams, are we ready to acknowledge we may be asking them to take big risks?

An inner city school shoots for 100% college acceptance. All the odds are in their favor, but it's a dangerous gamble when the dreams of students are at stake.

As we begin the New Year, it might behoove us as teachers to be mindful of what we're drinking to and who we're drinking with as we approach the education sector table.


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