As the holidays begin early, I wonder if my students are having a White Christmas, just like the ones they used to know when they were small.

Edu-conomists have introduced marketplace principles to public educaation. But buyer beware! When you get what you pay for may, you many not be buying you want.

Are you A) an Idealist (B) Disheartened (C) Contented? If Public Agenda insists on bubble sheet answers, it seems that they should have included (D) All of the Above.

When schools demand that children assume the position of mini adults, academic success may come at the price of the spontaneity and creativity that marks childhood.

In sixth grade Family and Consumer Science, students learn to "Use correct tools and use tools correctly." Shouldn't that principle hold when school leadership is selecting and implementing tools to evaluate teacher effectiveness?

Is childhood the best of times or the worst of times? Highlight Magazine asked and kids offered an intriguing response that teachers can relate to.

When education reformers talk to the press, how do teachers fair? Depends who you ask, says Susan Graham.

Sometimes the lessons children retain for a lifetime are the ones we never intended to teach.

No longer children but not quite young adults, parents struggle to find an after school solution that's just right for middle school latchkey kids who are often at risk when left home alone.

Schools have been cutting back on PE and recess, but now new research indicates that running may increase brainpower. Will time on the track contribute to the Race to the Top?


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