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January 16, 2016

What Lies Beneath: The Morality Behind Both Sides of Friedrichs

It is easy to get stuck in our existing "moral matrix" when thinking about an issue as emotional and personal as students in a school and how we treat the folks who work with them. The third foundation of Haidt's "in group/loyalty pillar of morality" helps us to move through the stale debates and name-calling about teachers unions

December 11, 2015

What It Means to Be Public and Why It Matters

I want to work towards a public school system that is genuinely and democratically responsive. One in which every young person in that community truly belongs within our system, one that would be outraged at "got to go lists" and attempts to coerce or mislead members of their community.Charter schools are not to be blamed for the fact that we do not currently have such a system, but those of us who are "partisans for democracy" ought to be concerned by them.

November 03, 2015

How We Should Move Forward After the Abuse at Spring Valley High

I teach my students to be "upstanders" when they are witness to violence, and in that spirit I want to express solidarity with those educators and activists speaking out against the assault of a black student at Spring Valley High in South Carolina by school resource officer Ben Fields.

September 08, 2015

Separate Is Still Not Equal: Desegregation Is Education Reform

My experience has confirmed what Thurgood Marshall helped to prove in 1954 when he argued Brown v. Board: Separate is inherently unequal. The existence of segregated schools in the year 2015 is immoral and unconstitutional.

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