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Stuff I told myself I was going to do over the Thanksgiving break
Write a fascinating blog post.
Respond to the folders from the GMU class I teach on Tuesday nights.
Knock out Entry Four.
Finish grading ninth grade essays.
Read The Way to Rainy Mountain.
Rake backyard leaves.

Reasons I didn’t do most of the stuff I was supposed to do
Pack and play for my nephew was set up in my office from Wednesday to Saturday.
Turkey Trot, 5 mile race through Del Ray on Thursday morning.
TG I for 18 at Mom and Dad’s on Thursday night.
Mount Vernon outing to see the canoe on Friday morning.
TG II at mother-in-law’s on Friday night.
TG III brunch at father-in-law’s on Saturday morning.
Brother-in-law’s birthday dinner at our house on Saturday night.
Neighbor’s kid’s mini golf birthday party on Sunday morning.
Curl up in fetal position with John Irving’s latest novel on Sunday night.

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I read all of your entries today and posted this w-a-y on down the line. So I'm moving it to the forefront: Emmett, the interdisciplinary work you do with the students and the experiences you design are exemplary. You provide learning anchored in a living process so they have something to write about. Your courage to pursue a grant that gets the young ones out of the classroom, into the community and local historic sites requires vision and dedication.....and LOTS more time that I'm sure is uncompensated. I value your expression of "we," because the deepest learning experiences are relationship-based. It should not be heavy competition for self-promotion (that would be the wrong motive ethically). In Middle English, Chaucer writes, "and gladly wold he lerne and gladly teche." Thank you for your courage to keep your heart in your work, to link our young ones to their community, and to keep your creative, poetic teacher spirit alive. This is not a factory job! ---Ann, [email protected]

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