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It's very hard for a mother to watch her son go from smart, athletic and so successful to being a kid whose potential has been denied.

Maybe dropping out of school is not about lousy teaching or low standards. Maybe simply entering the building tells you what value the world places on your education.

You'd think it would be impossible to make Genghis Khan boring and forgettable, but no.

How would a parent know if a school was good--i.e., functional, challenging, caring, and doing what schools are supposed to do?

The highest levels of excellence in science, technology and business generally come from collaborative efforts. This is not mushy school-speak. This is straight out of Deming.

"If a kid comes to your charter school without a HEAD you are required by law to admit that student." We believe it.

It's hard to say which came first--the dysfunctional chicken or the infuriated egg--but unionization is not the root cause of what Michelle Rhee calls "crappy schools."


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