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Why David Greene is marching at the Save Our Schools March on July 30, in Washington, D.C..

What does it mean to a fifth grader when a two-minute movie trailer suggests that your school (not to put too fine a point on it) now sucks, compared to the rest of the world--and the reason is your lousy teachers?

The purpose of public education is no longer about finding joy and meaning in learning. It's basic job training--and for the new lucky generation, obtaining the right credentials.

Why hasn't board certification for teachers become the norm, as it has for accountants and pediatricians?

There's no way of explaining the reasons every child with difficulties isn't scoring well, but how do we capture our son's will to live because he is part of the social structure essential to a child's life--school?

What if the reform vessel you invested a decade's worth of time and money into appeared to be ineffective, at best--or even downright useless in getting us where we wanted to go?

How could we turn the bus around, and start taking the road to genuine teacher leadership?

How many authentic teacher voices have been silenced? How many of the voices speaking on reform today are coming from people who actually do the work?


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