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Good teaching is not about classroom rules, cute videos, raising test scores, cool field experiences or unions. It's about relationships, mastery, analysis, persistence, diagnosis and continuous reflection. It's complex, layered intellectual work. And it happens in hundreds of thousands of "regular" classrooms, every day.

I never used to believe in Great Education Conspiracy theories--that dark forces were trying to shoot enough holes in the ship of public education to make it sink, whereupon a huge market for materials production and human capital would open up. Lately, I've been pretty sure that's exactly what's happening, beginning in places like Detroit.

Blurring the lines between private enterprise, market-based policy-making and genuine investment in public education.

Teachers use clipboards, imagination--and good instruction--to get over some very high bars. So much for the myth of lazy, uncaring unionized teachers.

The idea of hiring free-lance "teacherpreneurs" is thrilling to management types. But how does privatizing look, down the road?

Ten out-of-the-ordinary bits of advice for new teachers.

Here's what we should be asking about the Common Core Everything.

I believe parents have absolute justification to take control over their children's schooling. Which means empowering parents to make bold decisions, beginning with exercising their right to pull their kids out of destructive and unnecessary standardized testing


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