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I want to make that kind of difference for all students in the state of Michigan. Currently I see no other way to be able to make that difference for students in my state of Michigan than to become a state legislator.

In the messy world of school reform, it's hard to find people who are ideologically pure.

Let's dispense with "filling in"-- putting a variable-quality surrogate in when the teacher must be gone. Everyone who teaches a child should be considered a real teacher and bring real, vetted skills to the table.

Of course, before they begin testing, no one asks at what grade level they are currently functioning. They are all expected to function at grade level or above no matter how many different teachers they had the year before or what their own struggles were just to get to school each day.

Here's a novel thought: Teachers are already experienced leaders who could engender and nurture more effective leadership in their administrators.


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