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I like a snappy multiplication-facts rap as much as the next guy, but the fact is--it's not easy to integrate rich arts practice or content into science and math instruction. Especially when the assumption is that good curriculum begins with "core subjects," the arts acting as a kind of color commentary.

This is a story about dignity, love, acceptance, and compassion. It is about identity and the small things we can do that go a long way. It presents the importance of what is means to develop compassionate individuals who understand the dignity that exists in every human being, what it looks like to respect and honor that.

First, answer the question yourself: What is the core purpose of publicly funded education in America? Then, ask yourself: Would most Americans agree with you?

There are plenty of students who have coped with failure and adversity from the outset. What's motivating to them is a little honest success. Not more stress.


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