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What if there were another source for policy models--policy based on working toward equity, preserving what's good in our vast public school infrastructure? What kinds of policies--not reactions to misguided policies, but new ideas--would educators produce?

Our only possible ethical response to human suffering--cultural holocausts--is to try to take the sacrifices made in humanity's historical tragedies and make them sacred, through remembrance and honor. That's an enormously difficult thing to do, fraught with false equivalencies and cultural misappropriation. But is it wrong to try?

Is it possible to let satire, over-exaggeration and post-modern irony dull us to the fact that some things are always deeply, inherently immoral? Is it wrong to use historic, genocidal travesties or ruthless repressions as analogies for current events? Is it ever OK to pull out the Hitler card?

There's no such thing as a completely objective grade. Compiling, weighting and averaging numbers often leaves a good teacher with a grade that doesn't reflect what he understands about the child in question--what that child actually knows and can do.


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