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In my experience, teachers routinely neglect their own health and their families in order to show up at school consistently, because they see, every hour of the day, the value of their own work. I am not referring here to the attendance records of young, healthy, enthusiastic, two-year entrepreneurial teachers in charter schools who have put off child-bearing until their leadership trajectory is established--the folks Teach for America Veep Raegen Miller seems to be ambiguously suggesting form the desirable "professional cultures" that save schools "real money."

We cannot approach teaching as an opportunity for inspiration and imagination until some core building blocks around pedagogy and content expertise are in place. Autonomy and respect, yes. But only when mastery and purpose are also in place.

Why is the second-largest daily newspaper in Michigan buying into what is obviously high-grade baloney? As "big teaching experiments" go, the 100-kid kindergarten is not based on anything resembling quality research on early childhood education. It's 100% propaganda. There were 50+ comments on the Free Press article this morning, and not a single one whole-heartedly endorsed MOOKs (Massive Outrageous One-room Kindergartens).


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