Do we have to start with the conviction that public education has failed, before we can transform or improve, regenerate or revitalize a fully public system?

Unlike some enterprises, school security is an investment in people, relationships, trust and respect. It's not for sale.

Kids today view music as a product to be consumed. It never seems to cross their mind that they might actually create some music themselves.

Teachers do what they're told to do for a more important reason than losing gainful employment. The goal is to change the system, not to elevate your personal viewpoints.

It is time we made schools community centers where everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Let's re-affirm our conviction that public schools, whether they be in the leafy suburbs, northern woods or gritty urban centers, are places of hope and caring. Let's sing songs of joy and peace.

Some teachers work in a parallel universe, where access to control over their own work and well-being is determined through winning over a succession of principals--a dicey business.

What's next: Common rules and standardization for traditional public schools, choice and opportunity for educational entrepreneurs.

My fear is that Michigan schools will jump too quickly into yet another seductive scheme to "disrupt"--and lose decades of work and good will.

Why aren't all students reading for pleasure, every day?


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