If school reformers really wanted the best possible teachers in every classroom, they'd select and prepare them carefully, support them diligently and fight to retain them.

We're teetering on the brink of losing one of America's best ideas--a free, high-quality public education for all children in America.

Making music is what we're meant to do, as human beings. Cooties and all.

Rather than spending energy trying to ferret out the inadequate teachers, we might focus on producing, and retaining, genuinely excellent educators, creating a culture of teaching expertise.

Once the concept of merit pay takes hold, who knows what could be incented?

Here's where education comes in--real education, not achievement-data education. What is the evidence, and can we trust it?

What makes me an expert on class size? Huge classes.

Report cards? Don't confuse me with information.

Private school educator: Let's acknowledge that the overall state of public education is, in reality, a heck of a lot better than most people believe.

"All I want to do is close my door and teach?" Oh, I hope not.

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