It's excruciatingly hard to let go of something that works. A policy that guts good practice is going to be resisted.

More education doesn't make better teachers? Kind of encapsulates our national ambivalence about the value of education, doesn't it?

Hard to say which has diminished teacher quality more: valuing longevity over talent, or the wages and working conditions teachers must routinely accept.

Kelly Williams-Bolar has become a symbol of another kind of Tiger mom--one willing to be arrested and incarcerated for the sake of her children's education. Whether she set out to be that symbolic hero--or whether she was talked into it to advance a cause--is unclear

The teachers I know in Detroit Public Schools--to a person--are dedicated to the children who have no educational options. Are they nation-builders, then?

Mrs. McIntosh required us all to memorize those lines. In between the spelling tests on Friday and endless multiplication worksheets, we all stood up and repeated "ask not..." until we knew it, cold.

Isn't "diluting" the problem of poverty one of our educational goals? Shouldn't all Americans be concerned about racial and economic equity?

The videotape can be a useful tool in building a dynamic teaching practice. Don't turn it into a bludgeon.

The headline says it all: Should I Care if My Child's Teacher Once Worked as a Stripper?

The option of mass-delivering standardized instruction electronically is only the icing on what could be a very lucrative cake for commercial education materials developers, courtesy of the Common Core.


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