Rebuilding public education will take time and excellent leadership. And it won't be cheap, upfront. But we can't afford to wait until the economy gets better.

A subject that ought be drop-dead obvious: Teachers improve with experience.

What's on your short list of essential skills for school leaders? Do compliance and consistency matter more than knowledge and experience?

You can't know how to "fix" schools when you drive past them, on your way to your real life. You can't know what kids need, until you know the kids.

The value of equity is nested in excellence: You can't have a truly excellent educational system unless it is inherently equitable.

Sometimes, being politically correct is the right thing to do.

As long as the public believes that all children are being offered genuine educational quality, we can maintain the illusion that all kids can be "college and career ready."

It's very hard for a mother to watch her son go from smart, athletic and so successful to being a kid whose potential has been denied.

Maybe dropping out of school is not about lousy teaching or low standards. Maybe simply entering the building tells you what value the world places on your education.

You'd think it would be impossible to make Genghis Khan boring and forgettable, but no.

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