It's hard to say which came first--the dysfunctional chicken or the infuriated egg--but unionization is not the root cause of what Michelle Rhee calls "crappy schools."

Dear MORE magazine: Would you print a little piece called "Are Nurses Ruining Our Hospitals?"

Lots of sound, more than a little fury. And about 95% solidly pro-professional teacher and public education. Doesn't get much better than that.

NBC's promoting the "advantages" of destroying an entire educational community in a devastating, lethal--and preventable--flood? Really? Shameful.

Perhaps it's time to stop dividing people into "our side" and "their side" and start the hard work of deconstructing popular policies and media-driven narratives. It's not about winning. It's about making better public schools for all kids.

At last--a teacher who takes swift action against disrespectful punks and teaches them a lesson! But what's the real takeaway?

So why aren't teachers out there making their own inflammatory films and outrageous statements? Why don't we carry insulting signs, wear funny hats and gather on the Mall for no discernible purpose?

What made Bob an excellent teacher was the very fact that he was a generalist. Every kid in that system learned about science from a man who was broadly knowledgeable, showing them the function of scientific principles in their everyday life and modeling curiosity about the way the world works.

Is there more to education than dispensing knowledge and skills? Does the community school still have a place?

Have we squandered the terrible momentum engendered by that day in September?


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