That call with Secretary Duncan? Short and kind of like speed-dating.

If teachers are clueless about suitable dress, take them aside for a helpful chat. Don't make a federal case the impact of flip-flops on the educational climate.

Why should learning the craft of teaching have to be endless trial and error? Classroom management is a real thing.

When the axe falls, it's not usually about trimming fat and waste or re-focusing on the core purpose of public education. It's about keeping the system running, rather than creative change.

In schools, we collect the data first, then decide how to utilize it later. Then we repeat this pattern endlessly.

Why is Robert Bobb replacing expensive Detroit Public Schools teachers with Teach for America corps members?

Why haven't unions encouraged teacher members to develop their own unique and powerful voices to inform policy and change--instead of sharing "tips?"

The Teacher in a Strange Land is moving. Not from this felicitous home at Teacher magazine--but literally. Out of a nice house, into a small apartment--and eventually, into our new log home in northern Michigan, the manifestation of a life-long dream. Blueprint Mania, Testing Angst and Teachers' (Impassioned) Letters to Obama are bubbling around me, and I'm stuck in the basement, boxing up books --books! so many books!--preparing for the obligatory garage sale, and sneezing--dust! so much dust! Packing up also means clearing out. I've spent many grubby hours pulling earnest, typewritten-on-onionskin term papers out of filing cabinets and ...

Do you have to be a good teacher--in the "mastery of instruction" sense--to be a teacher leader?

It shouldn't take a team of hip Harvard-based researchers and a $6.3 million payout to know that when you bribe kids, they'll generally do what you want them to do. Until you stop paying them, anyway.


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