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A holiday visit to a former student in a correctional facility has Anthony Mullen hoping that the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come gives troubled youths a second chance.

Anthony Mullen shares his most profound discovery from his trip to Japan: How a nation can rebuild through schools.

The young girl was left hanging from the tree. Everyone knew who she was but no one would step forward to cut the rope. She had few friends in life and fewer friends in death. The suicide of this lonely and taunted 8th grade girl shocked a nation and exposed an epidemic of students being bullied in Japanese schools. The Education Minister received an anonymous letter form a schoolboy saying bullies were making his life a misery and he was going to kill himself. The minister's mailbox quickly filled with similar letters, each written by troubled young people complaining about ...

I am sitting in the back seat of a polished black sedan accompanied by four Japanese men wearing copycat dark suits, white shirts, and navy blue ties. The chauffeur is a rough looking man and he is wearing a pair of white gloves. I am heading to a meeting with the governor of Chiba Prefecture but feel as though I am the unwilling passenger in some Japanese gangster movie. The car's trunk is large enough to accommodate my American body, and Tokyo Bay can be seen in the distance. The man sitting in front of me is the governor's secretary- ...


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