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Since no one has consulted him on a draft of the national standards yet, Anthony Mullen takes matters into his own hands and boils down what all students should learn.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist's veto of a bill that would have linked teacher pay to student test scores elicits more than a ray of hope from Anthony Mullen.

Massachusetts Someplace near where the pilgrims first landed. Quite a few critics of the American system of education are kept busy seeking "A City Upon a Hill" on foreign shores. One such country is Singapore. After all, Singaporean students rank 1st in the world in mathematics on the latest TIMSS (U.S. students rank 16th) and Singapore boasts a nation of high performing students and excellent schools. Could Singapore be the City Upon a Hill that Puritan leader John Winthrop described while giving a speech aboard the ship Arbelle en route to the Massachusetts Bat Colony? Maybe. But Winthrop was ...

A brief encounter with a frustrated airport passenger makes Anthony Mullen wonder why teachers dealing with "a steady diet of lies by mindless bureaucrats" haven't snapped.


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