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The biggest demand teachers face today is cultivating a mindset in students in which they will hold themselves accountable in life as citizens and in the pursuit of lifelong learning, writes Amani Bey, a high school junior in Philadelphia.

A positive learning environment is built on a trustworthy relationship between teachers and students, writes high school freshman Garrett deGraffenreid.

It's disheartening to me that society doesn't give teachers enough credit or acknowledge how crucial they are to the development of our future, writes Isabel Song, a high school junior in Colorado Springs, Colo.

"After my experience as a teacher, I know how hard teachers work in order to make it look so easy," says James Mann, a high school sophomore in Oakland, Calif.

Children in America tend to take their education for granted and don't always value it, students Fatima Khan and Muniba Siddiqui say.

Students often don't realize the influence teachers have on them, writes high school senior Jackson Barnett.

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