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Ninety-three percent of teachers say that the prospect of making a difference in students' lives played a critical role in attracting them to the profession, according to a new United Kingdom-based survey.

It's almost Halloween. This is a moment of the year that everyone can enjoy. It's also going to be a week where you see the tangible outcome of poor judgment.

The plan would finance a 100-unit housing complex for educators in the increasingly high-rent city.

What was in the pages of Education Week while Marty McFly was getting set to hoverboard through the future? An argument about the viability of teaching as a profession.

There haven't been an inordinate number of teachers' strikes this year, but two states are responsible for most of them over the past five years.

Teachers at a New York elementary school are getting their furniture back after they were suddenly ordered to remove all desks and cabinets from their classrooms last week.

The Los Angeles Board of Education has voted to fire renowned elementary school teacher Rafe Esquith amid allegations of misconduct, including that he inappropriately touched minors, according to the L.A. Times.

Brian Jones wanted to bring attention to what he sees as negligence on the part of lawmakers and education leaders.

The President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities honored five high school students as the 2015 class of the National Student Poets Program.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival rocked the literary world at the end of September with a bold announcement: Festival organizers are commissioning the translation of 39 Shakespearean plays into Modern English.

Will anyone's view of Arne Duncan's legacy change? It's probably too soon to tell. But we can look back at some of the high points and low points that history may judge.

To go with the programming block, the producers also put out a list of seven simple steps that community members can take to help improve graduation rates.

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