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Mahershala Ali, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, is among the award winners who thanked teachers in their acceptance speeches.

Professional development programs can be one way to improve how parents and teachers communicate, according to a study by researchers at the University of Missouri.

How do formative assessments differ from other types of assessments? A math coach explains.

A free online professional-learning course seeks to help teachers gain more authority and autonomy in education policy matters.

Teacher job satisfaction, a schoolwide professional community, and student achievement are all linked in elementary school, a new study says.

Some teachers had been giving their students resources about how to best respond to immigration enforcement authorities.

A budget proposal by Gov. Scott Walker would make it so teachers never have to renew their licenses, but there's debate over the need for continuing education.

Actress and comedian Kate McKinnon will voice Ms. Frizzle in the reboot of "The Magic School Bus." But what would the new Ms. Frizzle have to say about Betsy DeVos and contemporary education issues?

DuFour was an education consultant and author who advocated collaborative teaching environments to help educators improve their classroom practice.

Two educators in Michigan share how their schools have removed grading from teachers' responsibilities.

Dystopian literature sales have skyrocketed in recent weeks, in part because of the current political climate. How should educators use these classics in the classroom?

Teachers who are not fully certified are increasingly teaching in California's high-needs schools and in special education, a report by the Learning Policy Institute has found.

The substitute-teacher model creates less work for classroom teachers and makes sure students experience authentic learning when their teacher is gone, its founder says.

Here are five ways for teachers to incorporate Black History Month into their classrooms, beyond the usual lesson plan.

A public school site that was once in the middle of a tug of war between the Los Angeles school system and Donald Trump is now an oasis of multiculturalism.

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