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The Chicago Teachers Union has reached a deal with the district to make up five of the 11 missed instructional days and end the strike.

Mathematics Vision Project has dismissed the lawsuit after the surprising move the company made this summer to take legal action against one of its most vocal parent critics.

The Chicago Teachers Union delegates approved a tentative agreement, but will remain on strike until the mayor agrees they can make up the missed days.

EdReports, the nonprofit curriculum reviewer, is shining a spotlight on early reading—the group announced that it will start releasing evaluations of supplemental phonics programs for K-2.

The latest scores from the the nation's report card were just released and things aren't looking good for the country's young readers. But what do the results say about how reading should be taught?

Fewer than half of states offer teacher-leaders extra pay and/or other incentives, like a reduction in course load, according to a new analysis by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Union leaders are holding civil disobedience training sessions as negotiations with the city stall.

The former first lady's voter registration initiative is launching a series of training sessions across the country that will help educators ensure that students are registered to vote.

Teachers are the experts of the classroom, so they should be empowered to lead professional development, educators said at a forum that included the two national teachers' union presidents.

A new report outlines danger signs of censorship at student-run newspapers.

About 25,000 educators in Chicago are expected to go on strike Thursday.

The bill would have given public school teachers at least six weeks of paid maternity leave.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's story about being forced out of her teaching job for being visibly pregnant exposes what had been a widespread practice through the 1970s.

After decades of abstinence-only drug education, a new health curriculum is taking a different approach to teaching about substance use.

Teachers, do you have a question about how to teach impeachment? We may have an answer.

Teach For America participants are more likely to attribute differences in student outcomes to societal inequities and less likely to support vouchers and charter schools than applicants to the program who didn't make the final cut, a new study finds.

Since 2015, 30 states have walked back one or more of their teacher-evaluation reforms, according to a new report by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

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