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One of the giants of the literacy world is grappling with the recent push for the "science of reading"—and responding to critics who say her early reading program doesn't align to evidence-based practice.

School districts have "unconscionably and impermissibly shifted operating costs of the classrooms directly on the financial backs of our teachers," the lawsuit alleges.

High school students show more support for the First Amendment today than they did 15 years ago, according to new report. But girls and students of color are more likely than boys and white students to say the amendment "goes too far."

Too many districts that use a lot of credit recovery to enable students to finish high school don't have sufficient policy safeguards to ensure that those catch-up courses are high quality, according to a new report.

Even the digital generation has a hard time recognizing when online information is biased or has been doctored, according to a new survey by Stanford University researchers.

In a "zero-waste classroom," teachers might compost food, invest in a classroom set of dishes, or even make reusable tissues.

Education Week has been reporting on civics education for 18 months. Now, we distill our core insights for you.

Teachers in Little Rock, Ark., will be on the picket lines Thursday for only the second time in the school district's history.

Most students don't aspire to careers that will require calculus, so high schools must create sequences of math courses that reflect the wide variety of young people's occupational goals, a math advocacy group argues in a new report.

EdReports, the nonprofit curriculum reviewer, released its first reviews of foundational reading and writing skills programs—and all five of the materials assessed failed to reach the evaluator's highest standard.

In the wake of falling reading scores on the test known as the Nation's Report Card, 12 major education groups are calling on schools to adopt evidence-based reading instruction.

In a recent video message, transgender teachers urge school leaders to make schools more welcoming by examining their own biases and implementing inclusive policies.

Funding from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Endowment for the Humanities will finance an effort to strengthen content and teaching in the subjects. But the project will need to sidestep the issues that sank a 1994 effort.

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