Students long out of school track down former teachers on Facebook to share their thanks.

Here at Teacher, we've got some great bloggers writing for us. Every Friday, we'll be directing you to a few of the best entries of the week.

A new study finds that scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress rise when 12th graders receive financial incentives for correct answers.

The Indiana Department of Education and Marian University have teamed up to create a new principal academy for administrators in struggling schools.

A psychology professor at the University of Virginia believes that teachers aren't the only ones in schools who need to be held accountable.

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas will invest in mall owner General Growth Properties Inc., which has been in bankruptcy reorganization since last year.

Public school teachers in New Jersey are retiring at twice the expected rate this year.

Stiff competition for a slot in the Teach for American program points to a tough economy and a determined group of applicants.

Here at Teacher, we've got some great bloggers writing for us. Every Friday, we'll be directing you to a few of the best entries of the week. •Living in Dialogue: Anthony Cody lays out seven key principles that teachers believe to the Department of Education. • Place at the Table: A survey shows Susan Graham that teachers aren't the only ones who feel silenced in schools—students feel muted also. • Teacher in a Strange Land: After seeing little to no progress in education over the past two years, Nancy Flanagan thinks it's time for teachers to get political. •Unwrapping...

An education blogger thinks that the statistical fanaticism of baseball's sabermetrics applied to the teaching profession could have beneficial results.

In May, Chris Janotta, an Illinois language arts teacher, started the website Save Our Schools Million Teacher March. The plan was to organize a march in Washington on July 30th to protest a lack of respect for the teaching profession. On his website, Janotta mentions high stakes testing, unfair performance evaluations, poor working conditions, and inadequate funding among the reasons for the march. But the plan for the Washington march has been scrapped in favor of local marches across the country, although it's not exactly clear why. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Janotta is asking people ...

The HR director of Delaware's Department of Education discusses the impact that winning Race to the Top has had on her state thus far.

The final version of the much-debated Texas social studies standards were recently released online.

A recently released annual survey on student engagement has found that, while high school students continue to be bored, they also have some opinions on how classes could be made more engaging.

Mildly Melancholy, who's had her ups and downs in the profession, has decided that the last day of school this year was also her last day as a teacher. "For real this time." Any policymakers or school leaders out there who are looking into the reasons why young teachers leave the profession might want to ponder her explanation: It's bittersweet, because there are some kids I will miss, and there are some teacher experiences I will miss, and there are some amazing colleagues I will definitely miss (well, not like I ever had time to talk to them). But I ...

When bullying takes place outside of school grounds—online and through text messages—do educators and schools have the jurisdiction to do anything about it.

Mark Walsh, Education Week's school law blogger, has a nice tidbit from yesterday's this morning's Senate confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan: Reflecting on her background, Kagan mentioned that when her mother, a former teacher, died a couple of years ago, she and her brothers had planned a small funeral. But they were surprised when hundreds of people they didn't even know showed up. Soon it became apparent: "They were people who had my mother as a 6th grade teacher decades ago," Kagan said....

If you haven't heard, Oprah is starting her own network, and she's looking for the "next TV star"—someone who will get their own show. Phyllis Tucker-Wicks, a self-described classroom teacher, thinks she might be that person. In an open online casting call that received over 10,000 entries, Tucker-Wicks' "The Days and Lives of a Teacher" is now in second place with 7 million online votes. In her 90-second pitch, Tucker-Wilson describes a couple of unpleasant classroom scenarios: a student who brought a loaded gun to school ("Boy, am I glad I didn't kick him out that day") and ...

Should teachers be required to take performing arts courses?

New York City has announced a pilot program that, with the help of federal funding, will enable select teachers to earn bonuses of 30 percent next year--possibly amounting to salaries of up to $130,000.

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