An education technician will administer the Rosetta Stone program to students in the school's French and Spanish classes.

A recent study that looked at over a decade of data found there is a positive spillover effect in teaching, as student achievement improves when an effective teacher joins a grade-level team.

A new poll from the USC Rossier School of Education found that California voters are generally supportive of teachers and place less emphasis on standardized tests than they do students' social-emotional health.

Several articles published in Education Week's inaugural issue have similar themes to issues plaguing the teaching profession today.

Footage from an Education Week video project explores the topic of bridging the cultural divides that often exists between teachers and students.

A new study suggest that physical attractiveness of educators may play an overlooked part in student learning.

A website run by the National Writing Project and PBS member station KQED will publish students' letters to the next president about issues that matter to them.

These teachers work about 13 hours a week at their extra jobs, and an additional 17 hours a week doing school-related work outside the classroom.

The use of exercise equipment in the classroom can improve both student health and learning.

A student teacher in Chicago made a rap video for students to welcome them to school.

Teaching about this year's election is particularly exciting to other teachers, though, given all its historic firsts.

Administrators of a Florida district were forced to reverse mandate that teachers spend 90 minutes a week in group meetings after outcry from union.

A new report by Brookings Institution found that if college graduation rates do not become more equitable and more graduates of color do not consider the teaching profession, it will be more than 50 years before the teacher diversity gap closes.

In Denmark classrooms, teaching empathy is a key part of school curriculum. What lessons can U.S. educators draw about how to develop the skill in their students?

A controversial policy in Utah that allows schools to hire people without a teaching license or experience is now effective, despite outcry.

A new report by the Economic Policy Institute finds that the pay gap for teachers has grown significantly in recent decades.

A new report by the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future sets policy recommendations to improve teaching and learning, 20 years after the original report pushed teaching to the forefront of the education reform movement.

A new study found that when teachers know what they have in common with their black and Latino students, they are more likely to have a positive relationship with them.

The Illinois governor signed a new law that will protect journalism teachers in the state from administrative retaliation for what students publish in the school newspaper.

A new study found that a teacher coaching program led to teachers issuing fewer and more equitable disciplinary referrals.

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