A poem performed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education convocation ceremonies is attracting attention for the speaker's honest and powerful critiques of race and education.

Teachers felt that iPads "provide no educational function in the classroom" and are often used to play games in class.

More than half of all teachers develop a voice disorder during their lifetime, and female teachers have a significantly higher risk than their male counterparts, research finds.

A New York teacher who ordered his students copies of Frankenstein in protest of curricula changes that focus more on non-fiction reading has been removed from his classes and could lose his job.

A new survey shows that a majority of teachers believe technology helps facilitate learning and enriches the classroom experience for both students and teachers—but most don't think it's effectively implemented in the classroom.

Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. wrote for the Washington Post that teachers of color are more prone to burnout because of the "invisible tax" imposed on them in schools.

McDonald's brand ambassador, a former teacher who has lost weight on a McDonald's-only diet, had traveled to middle and high schools for a year to talk about the power of choice when making nutrition decisions.

Jason Sterlacci, a 6th grade teacher from Somerset, N.J., beat out his fellow finalists on Friday to become the tournament champion, taking home the $100,000 prize.

The nuns who run the California school said supporting every person, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification, is aligned with the school's values.

The Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament, a two-week competition featuring 15 teachers, ends tonight and the competition is heating up.

The rock band took a picture with the Deaf Leopards from the Arkansas School for the Deaf, after a petition gathered hundreds of signatures.

A new paper published in Current Issues in Education surveyed white pre-service teachers to see how their color-blindness and racial identity changed after a semester of teaching in diverse classrooms.

A new report by the Department of Education sheds some light on the challenges of teacher recruitment and retention.

To mark Teacher Appreciation Week, musicians pick their favorite songs to thank an influential teacher in their lives.

While most teachers are satisfied with their jobs, about half would leave the profession immediately if they got a higher-paying job, the Center on Education Policy found in a new study.

Researchers found that teachers who participated in mindfulness-based interventions and stress-reducing strategies were more emotionally supportive and demonstrated greater sensitivity to students.

In a White House ceremony on Tuesday, President Barack Obama honored top educators across the country and highlighted his administration's progress on education, including its initiative to prepare 100,000 STEM teachers by 2021.

A day meant for appreciating educators has sparked controversy and some skepticism, largely in connection with ongoing debates around teacher pay, underfunded school systems, and student testing, to name a few.

Here's one way to curb a teacher shortage: be Hawaii. Mainland, take notes.

Jahana Hayes, a history teacher with a strong focus on service learning, said her passion for education stems from her own disadvantaged background.

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