To fend off corruption, the Chinese government is cracking down on excessive gift-giving during the country's annual celebration of teachers.

Students transition from traditional bullying to cyber bullying as they grow up, a new study says.

Children can learn empathy through reading fiction and identifying with characters in a story, a new study concludes.

The new digital divide causes a problem for students and parents, certainly, but also for teachers who are trying not only to integrate new tools into their instruction but also to navigate economic issues in their classrooms.

Though using comics in classrooms isn't totally mainstream yet, there's certainly opportunity to do so.

ESPN suggests turning football into an opportunity to teach students about financial literacy.

Another year, another example of teachers spending hundreds of their own dollars on classroom supplies.

The vague promise of a federal teacher-leadership program seems to be growing into something more tangible.

Schools can reduce stress simply by allowing children to play in green spaces, instead of only focusing on teaching children how to cope with stress.

Letting students stand in class, rather than forcing them to sit, may be beneficial for students' health and increase concentration levels.

Two new books out this fall on teaching and teacher policy may reflect a shift in thinking about school reform.

In a PBS segment, Harvard education-innovation expert Tony Wagner said he likes the idea of teacher-led schools but suggested that teachers generally haven't acquired the education-management knowledge or vision to create truly transformative schools.

A superintendent in an Illinois district said that parents complained about teachers interjecting their own opinions into class discussions of the protests roiling nearby Ferguson, Mo.

In the latest installment of Education Week and Education Week Teacher's Twitter chat series, we asked educators for what advice they treasured as new teachers—and what advice wasn't so great.

James Foley, the missing American photojournalist who was executed this week by the Islamic State militant group operating in Iraq and Syria, was known for his courage and dedication to humane causes. He was also a former teacher.

Vast swaths of teachers and celebrities are lining up to raise money for ALS research.

Here's how teachers around the country are responding to the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Mo.

Entering the teaching profession is a daunting commitment, and finding support is often the key to sticking around.

Teachers often wish for collaboration time with peers, yet often their professional development overlooks this. Why?

A new app by SciPlay aims to make physics concepts not only accessible to students of all levels, but help teachers with student engagement in complex subject matters.

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