The College Board's national experiment with virtual AP exams gets underway this week amid accusations and stern warnings about student cheating.

Sharing moments of levity and hope from the education world amid the mass disruption of schooling and life from the coronavirus.

In two-parent households, who's taking on the biggest role as schoolwork supervisor? It appears that the answer depends on who you ask.

Three incredible stories of teachers who have come up with creative ways to mark milestones and connect with students.

This Teacher Appreciation Week, the Grammy award-winning musician will honor 10 teachers and give out $300,000 in partnership with Box Tops for Education.

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, here are three of the many examples of teachers finding creative, fun, and generous ways to teach while their students are stuck at home.

These teachers are doing whatever they can to help their students during COVID-19, including donating money to needy families, caring for a baby, and visiting a student to cheer her up.

As states begin to consider what reopening schools might look like, a new analysis of federal data warns that teachers could be more susceptible to severe illness from COVID-19.

How should schools address learning loss from coronavirus-related closures? A new survey from the Collaborative for Student Success asked teachers, administrators, and policymakers.

A growing number of online communities are emerging to help teachers get strategies and tips on distance learning from their colleagues.

The teachers' union's board of directors voted to cancel in-person attendance at its annual Representative Assembly due to the coronavirus outbreak and will conduct a scaled-down virtual convention instead.

A small group of science teachers in Missouri is using the coronavirus as a teachable moment that's aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Before the massive rush to remote learning, most teachers used digital resources as supplements rather than primary materials, a RAND study shows.

States and testing vendors are trying to find solutions for teacher-candidates to get certified in order to prevent a disruption to the teacher pipeline.

Here are five takeaways on the teaching profession from the newly released 2017-18 National Teacher and Principal Survey.

As teachers tread into uncharted territory with an abrupt mass transition to remote learning, many are now having to decide: How much should they be enforcing school rules via webcam?

Virtual face time with teachers and classmates can be comforting for young children, experts say. Still, researchers caution against too much screen time.

Sharing moments of levity from the education world amid the mass disruption of schooling and life from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus has shut down schools across the country, forcing millions of students to learn at home. In this video, families from Seattle to Maine describe how they are adjusting to this new reality.

Teacher-preparation programs are rushing to figure out how to support teacher-candidates while still meeting state requirements, which are starting to be revised in some places.

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