The newest round of an annual contest dares scientists to explain a difficult concept to a young but discerning demographic.

As educators get more accustomed to the idea of virtual learning, imagine a future where an entire public school district goes entirely virtual.

Wisconsin elementary school principal Matt Renwick says that the game, if taken in the right context, can be seen not as a distraction, but as a resource to help students build critical learning skills.

Teachers at a high school in Fairfax County, Va., have taken to protesting district salary squeezes in a way that could be described as highly casual. Literally.

The use of simple checklists to manage complex, sometimes unwieldy projects has been a trending topic in many industries. Teaching is no exception.

The evolution debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham could bring up some tricky questions for teachers about a bitter cultural division.

A New Jersey English teacher finding students to be bored with the assigned novels, started using New York Times human-interest stories to teach students about critical analysis.

Matt Damon stopped by Reddit today for an Ask-Me-Anything session, and took the opportunity to reproach certain kinds of education reform.

TV personality Bill Nye took on Creation Museum founder Ken Ham in a PowerPoint-heavy debate about a topic that still weighs heavily in American curricula.

Members of a Washington panel discussion on teacher use of data agreed that educators need better training in data, but first teachers need to trust it.

A new study distinguishes between real positive benefits of some kinds of rumormongering.

Sarah Camiscoli, a literacy intervention teacher for English-language learners at a small public middle school in the South Bronx, moved away from disciplining to listening and gaining greater understanding of her students' needs.

In a national survey, educators report high levels of educator effectiveness, but say parents are not doing enough to ensure student success.

The president's speech started with praise for teachers, who had a lot to say about the address on Twitter.

A blogging educator says that keeping a blog can help teachers reflect, discuss methods that work best and ones that need improvement, and vent their stress and anxiety.

Kathy Hollowell-Makle, a former member of Teach For America, will be one of Michelle Obama's guests at the annual address.

Amanda Ripley, author of The Smartest Kids in the World, pushes back on the theory that U.S. students' weak performance on international-comparison tests can be attributed largely to high poverty rates.

New telepresence robots will help facilitate instruction in a remote area of Alaska.

North Dakota may give its teachers more control over their classrooms than any other state, followed closely by South Dakota.

A credit union in Las Vegas now offers loans to K-12 teachers struggling to pay for classroom materials. This reflects a trend among teachers who pay more out of pocket to buy classroom supplies.

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