Educators for Excellence took the temperature of teachers across the nation on issues ranging from compensation to preparation to union membership.

Literacy educators support a "balanced approach" to teaching early literacy, and are split on whether there's been too much or too little public attention to phonics instruction, according to a new survey from the International Literacy Association.

Education Week has teamed up with Roadtrip Nation to send a group of teachers across the country in a green RV. Here's what you need to know.

The Council of Chief State Schools Officers announced the four finalists for the National Teacher of the Year.

A new report from Student Achievement Partners claims that the popular reading program from literacy giant Lucy Calkins doesn't align to evidence-based practice. The review is the first in a new series that will evaluate reading programs against the scientific research base.

"This is a very values-oriented generation—they seek to work with purpose and passion, and without that, they'll leave," an education leader at Microsoft said about Generation Z teachers.

Louisana should place literacy coaches in every elementary school, and soon, to help the state's students read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade, a skill that's a key predictor of academic success, a legislative commission urged on Wednesday.

We know teachers are always seeking ways to improve learning for their students. We wondered what would top their wish lists if money weren't an obstacle, so we asked them. Here's what they said.

Thousands of teachers, parents, and other supporters are expected to call for higher pay and more school funding—despite threats from the state that participating teachers could lose their jobs.

"What I hear anecdotally is that we're still not seeing comprehensive media literacy education in those states and others," said Erin McNeill, the president and founder of Media Literacy Now.

Decoy smartphones. Firecrackers. A live bird. Teachers tell classroom stories about some of the wacky items they've taken from students.

Nebraska's education department released an interactive instructional materials map last week, showing what curricula districts have adopted for English-language arts, math, and K-8 science.

Just 16 states require incoming teachers to provide evidence of successful prior job performance, a National Council on Teacher Quality analysis found.

Here's a review of the research that sums up a big year for the teaching profession.

Half the states got top marks for the content of their high school civics programs in a report from the Center for American Progress.

A new study finds that materials often portray scientists as geniuses working alone—a framing that can make students think science isn't for them.

From an increase in teacher activism to a decline in the number of people who want to be teachers, here are 10 of the biggest shifts in the profession over the past decade.

A group of teachers and literacy advocates are pushing back after Richard Allington, one of the country's most prominent experts on early literacy, made inflammatory claims about dyslexia at a Tennessee literacy conference this week.

"In many respects, teacher-evaluation practices in [the D.C. school district] seem to be working to the advantage of students," one researcher said.

A new study argues that the performance-based teacher licensing test edTPA does not always yield reliable results and that the scores are misleading.

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