The Los Angeles Times hired an economist and education researcher to conduct a value-added analysis of recent standardized test scores, in order to get a scientifically-based measure of teacher effectiveness.

Four hundred or so new D.C. teachers are starting the school year amid a climate of controversy as tensions between Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and the President of the D.C. teachers' union George Parker continue to run high.

Tuesday's passage of the edujobs bill did not sit well with everyone, and has some blaming teacher salaries and benefits for the state of the economy.

President Obama spoke from the Rose Garden Tuesday morning, urging the House to pass the edujobs bill.

Teachers at the prestigious Hunter College High School, a New York City public school, are fighting the school's administration over what they believe are discriminatory admissions policies.

A Georgia teacher called the police to report a prowler, and became the victim of police brutality.

In her graduation speech to her fellow classmates, a N.Y.-based valedictorian discusses how schools currently don't promote a learning culture.

Can the psychology behind Alex Rodriguez's sudden home-run struggles that preceded his 600th home run be applied to test-taking?

The Oklahoman cites the performance-based firings of hundreds of educators by D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee as a rare example of holding teachers accountable.

A bill that could spare as many as 140,000 teaching jobs is one step closer to passing in the Senate this week.

Experts worry that a lack of black and Hispanic teachers in Texas could hinder the achievement of minority students there.

A Brooklyn teacher goes to extreme measures to avoid her classroom observation.

Check out these posters with back-to-school lessons for teachers and students alike.

In an interesting piece on The Huffington Post, the writer and psychologist Thomas Moore (of Care of the Soul fame) argues that education in our country is oriented too much around the aquisition of "things"—i.e., "filling our minds with stuff"—and not enough around personal development:

Bill Ferriter announces "Epic Tech Failure Day"—a forum-cum-contest in which teachers are asked to submit short pieces describing a classroom-tech meltdown they've experienced.

A roundup of the best Teacher blogs from this past week.

Maryland has put an end to its policy of allowing teachers to examine standardized test booklets up to two weeks before administering the exams, amid concerns of teachers abusing the privilege.

The quality of your kindergarten experience could determine your future financial well-being, among much else, according to a New York Times report. The Times story looks at a Tennessee study that has followed 12,000 students since 1980s and found that having a good kindergarten experience could translate into a college education, a better retirement fund, longer lasting marriage, better social skills, and a higher earning potential. And when it comes to money— for every percentile that a kindergarten student moved up in test scores during the course of the year, he or she could expect to make an additional...

The Washington Post ran a lengthy front page story last weekend about Kevin Ricks, who was a high school teacher and sexual predator for almost 30 years. The article certainly provides fodder for Law and Order's ripped-from-the-headlines plots. The events are indeed disturbing: How could someone so dangerous have victimized so many people and escaped notice for so long? Yet, as a former high school teacher, I have to say the story raised a lot of questions for me about why sexual misconduct is such a thorny issue for schools—and teachers. Lacking hard evidence and being hesitant to deal...

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