In addressing the growing problem of student in-class texting, a middle school in New York state seems to be taking the "if you can't beat them, join them" approach. But with important modifications.

Bill Ferriter has very good things to say about Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap, a new book co-authored by professional learning team experts Rick and Becky DuFour: I've ALREADY photocopied several sections and slipped them under the doors of the principals and teacher leaders in my easy thing to do when intervention strategies are carefully described, implementation plans are outlined, and evidence of impact is included for schools that look a lot like ours!...

Welcome to Teaching Now, our new editors' blog. We plan to fill this space with quick-hit updates on the latest news, ideas, and resources for teacher leaders. Coverage will run the gamut from the inspirational to the infuriating, from practical classroom tips to raging policy debates, and from "news you can use" to "news of the weird." (There's plenty of all of that in education today, of course.) Most of all, we hope to provide a daily, go-to resource for those interested in the issues facing highly engaged classroom professionals today. For those of you who are regular visitors to ...

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