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September 15, 2011

What's Behind the SAT Reading-Score Drop?

Washington Post education blogger Valerie Strauss takes issue with the College Board's explanation that the decline in the SAT reading scores this past year was caused largely by an increase in the number and diversity of test-takers. She puts the blame squarely on the effects of recent education po...

May 11, 2011

How Poverty Can Make Students 'Ephemeral'

An editor in Minnesota recalls his time working as a volunteer in a struggling inner-city Minneapolis high school and what it taught him about the difficult odds teachers face in working with impoverished students. There is a great deal going on in poor students lives, he stresses, that is almost ni...

May 06, 2011

In Defense of Testing

Political blogger Matthew Yglesias points to a new report showing that nearly half of adults in Detroit are functionally illiterate. In that light, he contends, it's hard to argue against the need for standardized testing in schools: Under those circumstances, I find it difficult to be seized with...

April 28, 2011

Can Teachers Prevent Racially Disproportionate Spec. Ed. Classifications?

As Liana mentioned, the Council for Exceptional Children is meeting in our neck of the woods this week. Yesterday, I caught an interesting session at the conference on the problem of disproportionate representation of minorities in special education. The speaker was Edward Fergus, who is the deputy ...

March 31, 2011

Schools' Unlevel Playing Field

Renee Moore decries the persistent resource gaps between schools in poor and well-off areas: My teachers and most of those with whom I have taught here in the Mississippi Delta have done amazing work under often disgraceful conditions. I wondered then and now, how much more they could have done ...

March 18, 2011

Dropout Discussion Heats Up Teacher Town Hall

Live from the Celebration of Teaching and Learning Conference in New York Greetings from the Big Apple, where thousands of educators have convened for the 6th annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning, hosted by WNET. At a session known as the "Teachers Town Hall," led by PBS' Alison Stewart, a...

February 23, 2011

Harriett Ball's Legacy

We were remiss in failing to note that influential Texas educator Harriett Ball died earlier this month. An elementary school teacher for more than 30 years before becoming a star speaker and trainer, Ball was widely known for inventively mixing rap and song into her instruction. According to an exc...

January 20, 2011

Is the Chinese Style of Parenting Really Superior?

A Chinese mother's explanation of how she raised such "stereotypically successful" children has made more than a small stir. An excerpt from her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother in the Wall Street Journal has prompted more than 7,000 comments and a sharp rebuttal from New York Times columnist Da...

January 11, 2011

America's Word Gap

Commenting on an NPR story on the disparity in language exposure between poor children and children in professional homes, urban educator Dan Brown questions how much individual teachers can do close student achievement gaps. He writes:

December 28, 2010

The Art of Reading Instruction

The New York Times< reports on a nonprofit after-school visual and performing arts program that appears to be boosting some struggling students' reading skills as well as unleashing their creativity.

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