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April 13, 2012

ACLU Backs Students Accused of Cyberbullying Teachers

In a post I wrote yesterday, a blogger offered 12 cons for using social media in schools, one of which was the risk of cyberbullying. One thing her post didn't mention is that cyberbullying can be difficult to pin down--so there's an accompanying "con" that schools have to navigate the murky waters of online speech.

March 02, 2012

Film 'Bully' Receives R Rating

Last week, The Weinstein Company announced that its appeal of the R rating given to its documentary "Bully," which takes a close look at bullying in America's schools, was denied by the Motion Picture Association of America.

November 28, 2011

More Students 'Cyberbaiting' Their Teachers

A new study, which looked at the effects of technology on youth and the impact on parents and teachers, found that one in five teachers has either experienced or known another teacher who has been subjected to cyberbaiting.

October 31, 2011

Tales From the 'Iron-Gated Prison' That Is Middle School

A 9th grader named Annie sent a letter to Ira Glass, producer of NPR's This American Life. "I just escaped the whitewashed brick-walled iron-gated prison that is commonly known as middle school," she wrote, "and I'm finally out for good." She asked him to devote an episode to the inside world of middle school. This weekend, Glass aired an absorbing segment in which he did just that.

August 12, 2011

Study: When Bullying is Up, Test Scores Are Down

A new study finds that schools with more bullying may also have lower test scores.

April 22, 2011

Honoring Columbine Victims, 12 Years Later

Wednesday (April 20) marked the 12th anniversary of the Columbine shootings. Students and communities found ways this week to remember the event and pay tribute to the victims' families. At Newman Middle School in Skiatook, Okla., students who may not have even been born at the time of the tragedy...

April 21, 2011

Bullied to Death

Really tragic: "Bullied Minnesota Girls Reportedly Hang Themselves in Apparent Suicide Pact." The two middle schoolers, both 14, reportedly saw themselves as outcasts in school. The aunt of one of the girls says she was frequently teased about being overweight by her classmates.

March 19, 2011

Cyberbullying Prevention: Kids Can Help

Live from the Celebration of Teaching and Learning Conference in New York Bullying is a serious school issue that every classroom teacher will have to confront at some point—and the presentation schedule here reflected that. I attended the last of the four bullying-related sessions, which addr...

March 11, 2011

Obama's Bullying Conference: Will it Help?

At a White House conference yesterday, President Obama gathered parents, teachers, bullying victims, and researchers to discuss anti-bullying efforts. The president recounted that, as a kid, he was a victim of bullying himself. "With big ears and the name that I have, I wasn't immune," he said (in ...

March 04, 2011

California Proposes Requiring Gay-Friendly Textbooks

In California, State Senator Mark Leno—who is one of the first openly gay men elected to the legislature—introduced the country's first bill to integrate gay people and events into school curriculums, reports the New York Times. The bill would require all history textbooks to include figu...

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