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April 14, 2011

Panoramic Cameras: New Pairs of Eyes for the Classroom

While the Flip cam may be on its way out, a new kind of camera is debuting in classrooms, according to California Watch, an investigative reporting news site. Teachscape Reflect is a panoramic camera that takes 360-degree video images of a classroom. It was invented by Teachscape, a San Francisco-ba...

April 12, 2011

The Fall of the Flip Cam: A Loss for Teachers?

Tech blogs are abuzz today with the news that Cisco will stop making Flip video cameras. Coincidentally, we've heard from a number of teachers over the last couple months who use these devices.

April 11, 2011

The Debate Over iPads for Kindergartners

Is it a good idea for schools to give iPads to kindergartners? According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, that's the hot topic of conversation right now in Auburn, Maine, where the school committee recently voted to give kindergartners the tablet computers in the fall. That decision will cost $200,000 a...

April 01, 2011

Poetry for Teachers

Throughout National Poetry Month, instructional technologist (and former language arts teacher) Bud Hunt will be posting a "photo poetry prompt" on his blog every day. Readers are encouraged to share their poems in his comments space or elsewhere online. Hunt has hosted this interactive literary pro...

March 28, 2011

Is Class-Size Reduction Holding Schools Back?

In a Washington Post op-ed this morning, Eva Moskowitz, the founder and chief executive of the Success Charter Network, argues that class-size reduction efforts take away from schools' capacity for innovation and teacher support: Obsession with class size is causing many public schools to look l...

February 07, 2011

Report: Classroom Video Use on the Rise

Teachers' use of video content for instruction has increased dramatically over the past three years, according to a survey.

January 24, 2011

Making Chemistry Relevant

A new online series developed by the education arm of NBC News offers free videos and resources for chemistry teachers that aim to show students the subject's relevance in everyday life. The series is called Chemistry Now (no relation to Teaching Now) and has 31 weekly lessons. As of now, only thre...

January 18, 2011

Virtual 'Teachers' in Fla. Getting Poor Evaluations

Some teachers, students, and parents in Florida are less than satisfied with the virtual classrooms that are being used to deal with class size limitations, according to the New York Times. In response to a 2002 amendment restricting the number of students in classrooms—but not virtual labs...

January 10, 2011

New Ed. Book: 'Teach a Man to Fish' Is So Yesterday

Will Richardson highlights a new book co-authored by innovationist John Seely Brown, "A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change."

January 07, 2011

Brave New World Dept.

Last week we highlighted some news about how South Korea is introducing robot teachers in kindergarten classes. This week, Education Week reported on a teacher-training program that uses virtual, computer-generated "students." Makes you wonder: Maybe eventually we could do this whole schooling thin...

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