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August 18, 2010

Supplies and Demand

In tough economic times, schools are asking students to come to class prepared with more than just pencils, paper, and binders.

August 09, 2010

What Color Are the Gifted?

Teachers at the prestigious Hunter College High School, a New York City public school, are fighting the school's administration over what they believe are discriminatory admissions policies.

August 09, 2010

Not What You'd Expect From a Valedictorian

In her graduation speech to her fellow classmates, a N.Y.-based valedictorian discusses how schools currently don't promote a learning culture.

August 03, 2010

Back-to-School Principles

Check out these posters with back-to-school lessons for teachers and students alike.

July 19, 2010

Separate, Unequal

Ariel Sacks, an 8th grade English teacher in NYC, wonders why we allow a system to persist in which disadvantaged kids are routinely concentrated in the same schools. She questions: In today's education scene, key players seem comfortable looking in the windows of high needs schools and questioni...

July 14, 2010

What About Student Accountability?

A psychology professor at the University of Virginia believes that teachers aren't the only ones in schools who need to be held accountable.

July 01, 2010

News Flash: High School Students Are Bored

A recently released annual survey on student engagement has found that, while high school students continue to be bored, they also have some opinions on how classes could be made more engaging.

June 21, 2010

In Defense of Slow Reading

Earlier in the day I was speaking with our book whisperer blogger Donalyn Miller about reading. She's spearheading a book-a-day summer reading challenge for adults, which, by the way, has gone viral. In light of this, Donalyn mentioned University of New Hampshire English professor Thomas Newkirk's...

June 17, 2010

A Painful Legacy: Government-Run Indian Boarding Schools

From the late 18th century through the 20th century, government-run Indian boarding schools attempted to assimilate and Christianize Indian children and, in the process, often left them feeling degraded and abused. But the United States is not the only country with this painful history. Education ...

June 07, 2010

Helen Thomas and What Not to Say Before a Commencement Speech

Former (as of a few hours ago) White House correspondent Helen Thomas for Hearst publications was scheduled to be the commencement speaker at Walt Whitman High School, in suburban Maryland, a week from today, but the school has rethought its decision, according to a number of sources, including the ...

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