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October 07, 2011

What Does a Master Teacher Do?

Apropos the current buzz on teacher-coaching, the Arizona Republic interviews a Mesa educator who's actually doing it: As a master teacher, I provide professional development for the teachers on our campus. That means I teach an instructional or a learning strategy during an hourlong meeting once ...

October 05, 2011

A Quarterback Scrambles on Tenure

Over at The Wall Street Journal, NFL player Hall of Fame quarterback turned entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton makes a contrary argument--that tenure hurts the teaching pool--which he illustrates with a football analogy.

October 05, 2011

New Evaluation System Faces Backlash

Tennessee's newly implemented teacher-evaluation program is getting a less than enthusiastic reception from many educators, with some even abandoning the classroom because of it, according to a story in The Tennessean. The new evaluation program, developed in connection with the federal Race to th...

September 30, 2011

Preparing Tech-Smart Teachers, TFA-style

In a recent policy brief, the Progressive Policy Institute, a Democratic-aligned think tank based in Washington, proposed preparing a corps of tech-savvy teachers aimed at boosting 4th grade literacy rates in low-income communities, using Teach for America as a program model.

September 27, 2011

Math & Science Teaching Fellowships Announced

Heads-up for up-and-coming math and science teachers: The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation is now accepting applications for its 2012 fellowship award. Valued at $150,000, the award includes financial resources (including tuition assitance), professional development, teaching materials, and acces...

September 15, 2011

Deal of the Day: Teacher Prep?

Groupon in Chicago was offering a 57 percent discount on a teacher prep course.

August 16, 2011

Are Public Schools Chasing Away Talented Teachers?

In a commentary piece in The Christian Science Monitor, Justin Martin argues that one of the major problems with the public education system is that "states often make it unconscionably difficult for qualified teachers to work." He cites his wife as an example, an experienced private school teache...

August 03, 2011

Urban Teacher: Class Sizes Matter

In an op-ed piece in the L.A. Times, Ellie Herman, a charter school teacher in South Los Angeles, takes on the now-trending argument that great teachers can make up for larger class sizes. That view, she says, essentially romanticizes the practice of great teaching and disregards the diversity and c...

July 27, 2011

Walton Foundation Gives Nearly $50 Million to TFA

The Walton Family Foundation will invest $49.5 million in the national Teach For America over three years, according to a release from the Bentonville, Ark.-based nonprofit organization.

July 18, 2011

When Value-Added Evaluations Meet Cheating Allegations

Were student test scores from DC schools where the cheating investigations are ongoing used to evaluate teachers?

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