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April 23, 2012

California Teacher Named 2012 National Teacher of the Year

Rebecca Mieliwocki, a 7th grade English teacher in California, was named the 62nd National Teacher of the Year this morning. According to a press release from the Council of Chief State School Officers, which sponsors the annual award, Mieliwocki is a 14-year veteran teacher has been in her curre...

April 23, 2012

Could Online Ed. Alter School Staffing?

Covering a recent panel discussion at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute on technology and education reform, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Maureen Downey notes that, for some experts, one of the key promises of digital-learning technology is that it could give more students access to the best ...

April 06, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union Threatens to Strike

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis said union members are showing "overwhelming" support for a strike, according to the Chicago Tribune. CTU and the Chicago Public Schools have been in contract negotiations for four months and are still far from coming to an agreement. The parties have b...

March 09, 2012

TFA's Kopp Denounces the Teacher 'Blame Game'

Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp caused some buzz (what else is new?) by writing an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal condemning the public release of teachers' value-added scores in New York City. She writes: So-called value-added rankings—which rank teachers according to the recorded grow...

March 09, 2012

Interpreting the Teacher Job Satisfaction Decline

Writing in The Huffington Post, Kevin Wilner, director of the National Education Policy Center, laments the MetLife Survey's finding that teacher job satisfaction has dropped precipitously over the past two years. He attributes the drop to a reckless media and policy environment that has assailed te...

March 07, 2012

When Value-Added Scores Don't Make Sense ...

In a July 2011 blog post, I pointed out that the D.C. public school system was using test scores from 100 schools still under investigation for cheating to calculate value-added scores that would eventually be incorporated into teacher evaluations. So some D.C. teachers were at risk of having studen...

March 06, 2012

Ohio to Retest Teachers in Struggling Schools

Still more from the ever-active teacher-accountability front: Under a provision in Ohio's new state budget law, thousands of teachers in the state's lowest-performing schools will have to take licensure tests anew this fall, according the Dayton Daily News. The requirement—apparently the fir...

March 01, 2012

Value-Added Confusion in NYC

I'll admit that I myself was poised to blog about the New York Times' finding that teacher quality is widely diffused throughout the city—which Fordham's Mike Petrilli called "jaw-dropping news." Thankfully a few interviews and deadlines got in the way, and I didn't get to it before Philissa Cr...

February 02, 2012

Bright Ideas for Teacher Evaluation

Over the last few years, the teacher-evaluation debate has revolved mainly around whether—or to what extent—value-added scores should be involved. Since most researchers and educators agree an evaluation system needs multiple measures, there's also been some discourse around observations&#...

January 26, 2012

Update: Teachers No Longer Working for Free

Teachers in the Chester Upland School District, who had agreed to work for free when the district announced it was facing bankruptcy, will continue to receive paychecks.

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